Best shoestring budget headphones?

What are the cheapest headphones that ya’ll would be comfortable using if you were on a shoestring budget? This is more of a hypothetical question for me but I am sure it will be useful for others as well.

When I was in Poland several years ago, I needed new headphones so I blindly picked up a pair of Panasonic Ergofit in-ears at a mall electronic store (RP-HJE120). It cost me less than $10 and I was BLOWN AWAY at the sound quality those things put out for only $10.

Now they make it with a microphone (RP-TCM125) so this is one of my go-to recommendations for people for daily use (home, office, travel), but not for the gym. It really doesn’t make sense for the average person to be spending a ton of money on headphones when you can get this level of quality for so cheap.

As a side note, I think the biggest reason why people buy more expensive headphones is simply marketing. When someone sees hundreds of headphones on Amazon with prices ranging $10 to $300 it’s easy to think that price is the leading indicator of quality and that you need to spend $150 for average headphones. This is why on Headphone Scout I removed price from the browsing experience, and kind of “push” the user to set their budget to narrow down the options.

If you were on a tight budget, what headphones would you choose?