In what environments or situations do you use noise cancelling headphones?

I own the Sony WH-1000XM3 and I have been surprised about the variety of situations where I benefit from the active noise cancellation that it offers.

My neighbors aren’t super noisy and I live by myself, but I think loud housemates is a common use for most people. I’d guess plane travel / commuting the most common use case, followed by use in office settings.

The most surprising benefits for me have been around the house, having been spending quite a bit of time here with COVID-19 floating around. I find myself throwing on my noise cancelling headphones whenever I am running an appliance. Whenever I’m using the washer/dryer, kitchen fan, dishwasher, air conditioning unit, vacuum cleaner, or electric toothbrush (and I’m sure I’m missing one), I can throw on my XM3’s and they are able to significantly reduce the distracting sounds. Music and podcasts, proceed in comfort!

I am curious: what other common or uncommon situations do you find yourself in where noise cancelling headphones are, or would be, helpful?